House of Murgatroyd Entertainment, H.O.M.E., is a New York City-based, non-profit theater company dedicated to breathing new life into the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. By approaching this material with a nontraditional perspective we engage and introduce new audiences to these overlooked works. This idea was born from the collaborative minds Cáitlín Burke and David Macaluso and their desire to bring a modern musical theatre sensibility to this classic material.  


The production of "The House of Murgatroyd or Ruddygore Revisited" was created for the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in Harrogate, England. This show was crafted by dissecting a three-hour operetta, usually set with a cast of 25, combing through original scripts and creating a new fast-paced, ninety-minute show using only 7 people.  Upon receiving rave reviews, from both new audiences and old fans of the material, this production is going to be remounted in 2019 for its New York City, U.S. premiere.


Another wing of H.O.M.E. is our membership choir, Sing Choruses In Public – S.C.I.P. It was created to engage a community of those interested in choral singing and the exciting music of Sullivan. Many audience members are enthusiastic, even fanatic, when hearing these musical numbers and they mouth the words or hum along from their seats. SCIP gives them the opportunity to get up there and sing out, without the pressures of auditions, the fear of having little/no musical training, or the intimidation of being onstage alone. We rehearse, guide, and encourage all to raise their voices and celebrate these works! This helps build our H.O.M.E. community. 


Other new works are continually in development. The next one is “A Little off the Top – The Opening Night Mikado”. This concert/talk is a  journey through the opening night of the Mikado on March 14th, 1885. We will demonstrate, through scene and song, what changes were made from the World Premiere of The Mikado. We will expose how Gilbert and Sullivan cleverly altered their show in the following weeks into the show we know and love today.

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